Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hiking Tour

These special departures feature the full grandeur of the Grand Canyon as we hike from its North to South Rim, crossing the mighty Colorado River en route. Stimulate your senses and revel in the Canyon's mystery as we enjoy the rim vistas and explore its incredible depths. Beginning with hauntingly beautiful Antelope Canyon, this is the trip of a lifetime that few will experience. Day 1: Antelope Canyon-North Rim Today we shuttle from Flagstaff to the North Rim. Bring your camera as we first explore fascinating and colorful Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Reservation. At day's end, following a sumptuous dinner, witness the first of many memorable canyon sunsets. Day 2: Widforss Trail on the North Rim This morning we're off through forest of spruce, fir, pine and oak to our picnic site with one of the finest views to be had from the entire North Rim. Then relax this afternoon for tomorrow's journey to the canyon bottom. Days 3-4: North Kaibab Trail-Phantom Ranch Descend through the Coconino sandstone and Redwall limestone formations, pass the oasis of Roaring Springs and drop into The Box. Our reward, Phantom Ranch, sits among the cottonwoods along Bright Angel Creek just above the Colorado River. Explore the area or just rest up for the ascent to come. Days 5-6: Bright Angel Trail-South Rim After crossing and following the Colorado River downstream, we soon climb Devils Corkscrew to Indian Springs, up Jacobs Ladder and on to the classic El Tovar Lodge, welcoming us at trail's end. Our final day has one last rim hike or time to just relax and appreciate the sunrise with a morning latte.

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